Building sustainable results by teaching you the right habits.



Tailored meal plan suitable specifically for you based on your preferences and goals. This is the base for your success.


As an online client you will get a new workout every month. We will also adjust things as necessary after each check-in.


Weekly check-ins will help us to make sure we are going the right direction, or make adjustments based on your progress.

Checking in with you is our primary focus when it comes to ensuring you are hitting your goals and making progress. Our 1 on 1 interactions ensure you reach the place you want to get to!



Customised diet plans

Your diet plan is customised based on your goal and preferences. We will of course take into consideration things such as allergies, time for cooking, money for grocery shopping and more.

Workout programs

It does not matter how much experience you have in the gym. We will make sure the program you get will fit your level and take injuries into consideration.

1-to-1 coaching

You get 1-to-1 coaching by us personally and regular check-ins.

Tracking your progression

You get your own online VIP-client page, where you have to do weekly check-ins. We use that information to adjust your training and diet.

Updates based on progression

Our goal is to help you realise yours. Based on your progression we will change your diet and training every 4 weeks.

Anytime, Anywhere

All available via our app, allowing you to take your workout and nutrition guides with you wherever you go and gives you our support and guidance in your pocket.


Send a video once a month of a specific exercise or workout and we will give feedback on technique, method, intensity etc and give you guidance on how to get maximum results and tweak where needed to ensure you are training at your optimal level.


STANDARD + All of the following

Fortnightly Meal Plan Update

To add even more variety to your online coaching experience!
The meal plan is updated 2x per month, instead of once per month.
This can include: changing specific meals to create a whole new tailored meal plan for you.

In Depth 1 Hour Consultation With Gabriel

An in depth 1 hour consultation for busy parents, entrepreneurs and the business heroes. We will deep dive into your fitness history, previous setbacks, and your goals. Our aim with this is to create a structured time management schedule and roadmap to how we are going to help you dominate your desired goals!

Mindset and Wellbeing Workshops

Our SeyFit coaches will cover different topics fortnightly to support Platinum members with mindset and wellbeing on your journey.

Clients favourite
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The SEYFIT story began in 2012 at a club in Brixton. Long story short Gabriel saw Nyisha’s shoulders, found out she was already a trainer and fitness model just as Gabriel started getting his official qualifications. I know… crazy right!

As we got older and start “Adulting”, it becomes more important to take care of our health and fitness. Unfortunately there are a large number of people who are trying to make a quick buck off fads and selling “the dream”, especially when time is scarce in this fast paced world. Leaving most not knowing who to trust. That is the reason why we decided to start coaching.


So we have joined forces once again to deconstruct, rebuild and to empower you with valuable, genuine information and a mindset shift that will last you a lifetime. We have over 30 years combined experience in the industry as trainers and both having competed at a high level in a multitude of sports and with all the mistakes, successes, knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, we are here to impart that knowledge and inspire you to be better. We want to show our fellow busy people that there is always a way to lead a healthier lifestyle and we will help you find it and reach your goal. Our health is the most important thing that we have to look after before we can look after anyone else.